Goodnight Moon


have you ever tried to do art and you just


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Last night I watched a guy get hit on a bike. I was the first responder, I didn’t know what to do. I didn’t know how to help. He just laid there yelling ” why me god?” His leg was turned all the way around and there was blood everywhere. The person that hit him just left. How can you hit another human being and just leave? You’re an animal. But above all, this man had nothing, all he had was that bike and what was in the baskets and on his back. It makes me wonder, why God does things to people who are already at a low. More than all of this, it made me realize that you don’t know how long you have. You could be gone tomorrow, you could not wake up. So why not make the most of what you have, tell the people who you love, that you love them, enjoy the nature around you, and no matter what, love yourself. xoxo